IPOR and Roanoke College

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research or IPOR was not always a news-generating survey machine. Its predecessor, the Center for Community Research served a different purpose 20 years ago. Completing only one survey a year through door to door data collection, COR only collected data on issues affecting the Roanoke valley area. But 20 years of convincing, hard-work and a bit of luck, brought Dr. Wilson to the forefront of COR’s transition to what it is today, IPOR.

From Professor of Political Science to Director of IPOR, Dr. Wilson devotes all of his time and energy to assisting students as best he can. Whether advising students on career options in the fields of statistical analysis or policy studies or even giving students hands on experience through IPOR’s work as a survey generating organization, Dr. Wilson knows students deserve every opportunity to succeed in the 21st century.

Through help from a slew of student workers equipped with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IPOR is conducting a survey on election trends present in the 2013 gubernatorial race in Virginia. Students expect to make over 1000 calls recording voter sentiment on the two gubernatorial candidates and on important issues in the race. There were a total of eight students present during the first round of calls. After a fifteen minute presentation from Dr. Wilson, the students were ready to start the survey. Despite what he already he does for students through IPOR work, Dr. Wilson is always on the lookout for potential interns. “I enjoy working with students here at IPOR, but I would really enjoy working with one or two students on an internship basis in my office or through administrative matters in IPOR.”