Internships for credit

Can an internship count for my major or minor?

YES! You have to register the internship for academic credit, just like you would any other course you intend to count for your degree.

Can I complete an internship during a regular semester?

YES! An internship credit is treated just like any other credit. A typical internship (120 hours/semester) counts for 1 academic credit. The RC rules for part time/full time enrollment and overload count.

Do I have to pay extra tuition if I complete an internship for credit in the summer?

Yes, an internship credit is an academic credit, treated as any summer credit. HOWEVER, the RC Summer Incentive Program provides an 80% discount for internship credits; the tuition for one internship credit unit is reduced to $400.

How can I register my internship for academic credit?

Contact the Public Affairs internship coordinator, Dr. Mihalache-O’Keef, at She will guide you through the process, which is also described on the Public Affairs Internships page.

When can I register my internship credit?

Internship registration follows the Roanoke College academic calendar. Just like other classes, internship credits can be added and dropped during the drop/add period every semester.

When should I contact Dr. O’Keef?

As soon as you start planning to complete an internship for credit (even before you secure your internship) and at least two weeks before the start date of your internship. Ideally, if you are planning an internship in the upcoming semester,

I would like to complete an internship for credit, but I don’t know how to secure an internship. What should I do?

Talk to your friends who completed internships. Then check out these RC resources:

  • Dr. Mihalache-O’Keef ( she can advise you on local organizations and internship positions suitable for your interests
  • The PLACE: the career services office on campus, can help you connect with local internship providers, find career fairs in your field, develop application materials and skills (resume, cover letter, mock interviews, etiquette etc.)
  • Handshake: this can be your first stop in your search for internships; it is an aggregator of jobs and internships, many of them local.
  • Dr. Peppers ( he can advise you on the Lutheran Colleges Washington Semester program, an amazing opportunity to live, intern, and learn in the nation’s capital!