Small Steps, Big Opportunities


Hannah Godsey ’15, an international relations major with a minor in sociology and a concentration in anthropology, recently landed an internship at Neathawk, Dubuque & Packett, a PR and marketing firm located in downtown Roanoke. In September, she attended an internship fair hosted by Career Services on campus. By having a smile on her face and her resume ready, she was able to get an interview, and ultimately, the internship. Some of her duties include providing administrative assistance, gathering and assembling information, providing input in the planning stages, and attending meetings.

Although this internship is not in Hannah’s immediate field of study, she has found it very rewarding in the sense that she is learning valuable skills that will help her in¬†her professional career. She is also getting credit for it, which will go towards her anthropology fieldwork requirement. Most importantly, this internship has provided ample opportunities for networking. In our current economy, the more people you know, the better. Hannah’s advice on internships (and life) is to consider all opportunities that are presented to you, here at Roanoke College and anywhere else. These kinds of opportunities do not come along as frequently or as easily after you graduate.

Upon graduation, Hannah hopes to join the Peace Corps or attend graduate school at NYU to obtain her Masters in global affairs. However, she is actively job searching and is open to anything that may come her way.