Public Affairs Society: Bridging the Partisan Gap Through Earnest, Open discussion

This year’s Activities Fair was abuzz with club presentations, fun and excitement, and fresh new faces waiting to embrace the Roanoke College organization spirit. Nearly 50 organizations were present at the fair, each one with a unique focus, but together, all of them carried the same promise: to make Roanoke College a more active, and united campus. That’s where the Public Affair Society (PAS) comes in. Spread across their table were flyers, candies, and a thorough list of past and planned events sponsored by the organization.

Public Affairs Society President Ben Weckstein characterized PAS as, “an organization that brings together the collective ideals of students from across the political spectrum.” He also mentioned, “It does not matter whether you’re democrat, republican, or libertarian, the Public Affairs Society delivers a platform to engage in sensible, calm discussion.”  PAS also aims to strengthen the community of students in the Department of Public Affairs and to offer them information that helps with academic and post-college success.

Right now PAS is eagerly awaiting the start of their activities for the year and is looking forward to welcoming new students on board.  The organization has already run a workshop on academic integrity and citations a la Scott & Garrison.  Forthcoming activities include a Grad School Workshop and a trip to Richmond (with stops at UVA Law School and Univeristy of Richmond Law).

PAS officers invite you to ask them more about the organization and hope you will get involved.  This semester, the officers are: Ben Weckstein, President; Allison Baker, Treasurer; Brittany Piro, Communications and Outreach Officer; and Emily Murphy, Secretary.

Like PAS on Facebook (follow or search for “Roanoke College Public Affairs Society”).  Not only will you be able to keep track of their evens, but you will also be entered in a raffle for Elderberry’s gift certificates!

Brittany Piro, Communications Officer, signing up students for Public Affairs Society
Brittany Piro, Communications Officer, signing up students for Public Affairs Society