Demonstrating commitment to excellence in research

Parents, family members, and friends flocked in droves to this year’s Undergraduate Research Poster Session, held in Fintel Library. The event showcased student research on a wide variety of topics, from the sciences to the humanities. Four of the presenters at the Showcase introduced their projects on topics related to public affairs.  Samantha Garst ’15 and Katherine Frisch ’14 presented their Summer Scholars papers, focusing on Foreign Direct Investment and the “Rally ‘Round the Flag Effect,” respectively.  Adrian Gillem ’15 presented new findings in his independent study project focused on Japanese political trends. Tim Cywinski ’15 presented research on the effect of multinational corporations on environmental welfare.

Each student stood beside his/her poster, sharing with parents and students the difficult, albeit rewarding experience of research. These students fielded questions from research interests, to the purpose of their research, to future plans regarding their research etc. Yet, it gave these students a chance to share with the Roanoke College community their unique academic interests. In addition, these four students demonstrated the qualities of individuals who carry a unique passion for scholarly achievement. But it would not have been possible had it not been for the academic adviser that guided each of these students this far, Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O’Keef. The professor noticed each of her students’ presentations and shared her delight and appreciation for the hard work each student committed to.

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