The World is at Our Feet: Two PA Students Study Abroad


Jessica F

Jessica Fuller ’16 is a Spanish and Political Science double major studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a full academic year. She is taking classes in Castallano in both of her majors. “I have gained an enriched perspective on the culture and history of not only Argentina, but South America as a whole. I love the Castellano language and the architectural structures of the buildings here,” she said. Something that has surprised her about Buenos Aires is the easy and fast access to public transportation in the city. She says that her study abroad experience is one of the happiest experiences she has ever had.

Jessica plans to attend law school after graduation, and studying abroad has helped her solidify her passions.



Mathilda Nassar ’15 is an International Relations major with a concentration in Peace and Justice Studies who studied abroad last semester in Brno, a small town in the Czech Republic. Taking classes in her major was the most important factor for her when deciding where to study abroad. “I would have gone anywhere, but I’m happy I ended up in the Czech Republic,” she said. Going out of her comfort zone to a country where she didn’t speak the language was one of the best things she ever did. The central location of the Czech Republic in Europe is also perfect for traveling, which Mathilda took advantage of. “Studying abroad changed my life in so many ways, and I think that everyone should have that opportunity.”

Mathilda hopes to serve in the Peace Corps after she graduates, and plans to make travel a regular part of her life.